15 August 2014

Ain punya ok!!!!! 


Defrosted story began with Anna who replace her sister as a new Queen of Arendale after her sisters dead. Then Anna flashback to that day where Arendale in a war. Arendale was fully taken by enemy. The Vikings was chasing Elsa up the mountain, at last the palace of ice crumbled to the ground with Elsa inside. Arendale had frozen over once more. Anna know that her sisters was truly dead because of olaf for beside her feet was a normal inanimate snowman was gone. Now Anna feel that everyone had gone, and leave Anna alone. Suddenly, Elsa and Kristoff wake up in other city. While Anna was in love with Hans who save her from Vikings. Who the real Hans and what he wants by saving Anna? What will happens to Elsa and Kristoff? And will Elsa, Kristoff and Anna meet again and save the Arandele? Know the end of this story by continue your reading at http://www.wattpad.com/51193966-defrosted

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